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Most of us find Google a reliable source of information about virtually anything.

Phoning people or perusing the pages of a physical encyclopedia often does not cross our minds.

Nowadays, it is usual for Internet users to refer others to Google to find answers for even the simplest queries.

Google Feud Answers

Google Feud Answers
Google Feud Answers

Have you ever been perplexed by the mind-boggling predictions which Google makes when you start typing your search terms?

This Autocomplete feature is impressive, but it sometimes proposes ridiculous words and phrases.

One whiz saw an opportunity in this interesting behavior of Google and developed a fascinating game called Google Feud.

This new game that trivializes autocomplete on Google Search and was picked up by 9to5Google, which explains that the game tests your ability to predict the most popular searches on the web.

Google Feud is similar to the TV quiz show Family Feud, as people have to guess crowd-sourced answers in incomplete search items.

Answers rely on Google algorithms and update in real-time, so as what people are looking for on the web change, Google Feud does too.

Google Feud Categories:

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Google Feud is divided into four categories: “Culture,” “People,” “Names,” and “Questions.” Players simply pick a section, and then the game creates the first part of a question, sentence, or name.

Users then have to guess the final part.

You earn points for every correct answer you make. Scores are compiled on a weekly scoreboard and displayed after each round — you can play for as long as you like.

There’s a short explainer about how it works on the website, but nothing more:

Google Feud Game:

Google Feud is a web game based on the Google API. We select the questions, then the results are pulled instantly from Google’s autocomplete. Beware, certain results may be offensive and/or incomprehensible.” 

If you fail to guess one of the predictions in the three chances you get, however, a big red cross flashes up. It’s pretty brutal. Apparently, New Yorker’s aren’t “nice,” which is what we chose…

Playing the Google Feud Game

The web-based game requires you to select one category from Culture, Names, People, and Questions.

Next, it poses a random word or phrase and asks you to complete it the way you think Google Autocomplete would do.

For instance, under Culture, the game can issue a prompt like, “Giraffes are…” What would be your guess? Probably you would say Giraffes are tall, right? But this is an obvious fact.

Not many people would be searching the Internet for that. Therefore, your answer may not feature within the top suggestions.

To earn as many points as possible, you need to think about phrases which would combine with the given prompt when performing a Google search.

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The acceptable guesses feature in Google’s top ten predictions.

The more you are closer to the top, the more the points you earn. A good illustration is the prompt, “I swallowed…” Guessing “a bone” would be right, but you would be surprised to realize “I swallowed a bone what do I do” earns more.

Also, though ‘Shakespeare,’ ‘William’ and ‘William Shakespeare’ refer to the same person, it is possible to score differently for each choice.

Google Feud gives you three chances to try. For each time you make a wrong guess, it returns a huge red X. Getting three X’s in a row means you have failed. Then it sums up your points and awards you a score.

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ABOUT GOOGLE FUED: Auto Complete Game

Google Feud is a web game inspired by an American TV Game Show known as Family Feud.

This is the reason why some people refer Google Feud as Family Feud game.

Google Feud partners with Google Autocomplete suggestions to provide wholesome entertainment to players.

You have to click on random questions and complete the Google Search statement while playing the game. We’ll have an in-depth look at the game play of Google Feud in this article as well.

Google Feud is based on the Google API. For every prompt it issues, it pulls the answer directly from the Google’s autocomplete service.

Google Feud warns its users to be open minded that some answers can be offensive or unintelligible.

This guessing game doesn’t have advanced features like a scoreboard, or a means to compete or compare results with other players.

However, many people say that it is addictive, and you can spend extended hours glued to your computer. Future releases will probably incorporate more functions.

Google Feud is not a creation of Google as many people think. It was made by developer and freelance writer Justin Hook who is not affiliated to Family Feud either.

Based on the American television show Family Feud, Google Feud released in 2013 which features the answers from Google Autocomplete API. On the, couple of questions would be asked and you have to answer keeping the people’s mentality in mind. A half question will be given and you have to answer the remaining to complete it.

Four categories are given which are: Culture, People, Names or Questions and you have to select one among them. Further, you will be asked to predict the remaining term of the Google Autocomplete Search according to the popular search by people. Each question has the ten most popular suggestion and you get three tries to complete them so there’s pretty good chance that you fail most of the time.

The answers on the site will be something you would not have expected. For example, “Can you sell your…” has “soul” as the top searched term. You will get points for each correct answer. There is a disclaimer on the site which says “certain results may be offensive and/or incomprehensible” so be aware beforehand. All in all, a good light game to pass the time.

If you think that you have seen it all in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) field, you should probably have not played Google Feud. It is a good way of familiarizing yourself with the most popular search terms in various contexts in an enjoyable way.

It can teach you a few phrases which you never thought anybody would ever search. Making them keywords for optimization of websites could improve your Google rankings.

Important details about Google Feud:

If you have noticed then the title of the game contains Google in its name. Despite having Google in its title, this game is not affiliated with Google by any means.

However, Google Feud uses Google Application Programming Interface (API) which was developed by Google. Google API is used for the functioning of the game as it pulls out real questions from questions and answers from Google’s Autocomplete.

Google Feud consists of four sets of rounds. A player can choose any one of these sets for playing Google Feud. Questions are asked depending upon the category chosen by the player.

The game is suitable for people who can stand satire. Remember that this is not a classroom quiz where you have to give accurate answers. It can help players to think outside the box. It is a great pass time activity, especially when played in the company of friends.

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How to play Google Feud?

Google Feud is a web game which is open to playing to people with age group ranging from kids to adults. This game is well suited for both kids and adults. It has a simple interface which uses Google Autocomplete. The combination of these two apps results in the unlimited fun for the player. Instructions for playing the game are quite easy however answering the questions is quite hard.

Beware: You can die because of a disease named ‘Laughter’ after knowing what people actually search for Google.

Initially, the player is asked to make a decision.

A player has to choose between four categories: Names, Questions, Culture and People. There are three rounds with ten hidden options available to each question.

These hidden options are answers generated from Google Autocomplete. A player must survive these ten options to survive in the game.

You can survive an option by submitting a correct answer for that particular option.

Each correct answer will grant points to the player for that round. Once you have submitted your answers, if you have survived through these questions then you’ll advance to next round.

You can choose a different category once a round is complete.

Download Google Feud Game on Android / iOS

Download Google Feud for Android

As Google Feud has been accepted well by the masses, the demand for Google Feud is increasing since its release. Google Feud is compatible with all Android devices.

However, because of some reasons, the game is not available on Google Play Store but we have provided a link for you to download Google Feud for Android.

If you own an Android device, you can follow these simple steps to download Google Feud:

1. Click on the link below. This link will direct you to Google Feud download page.

2. Click on the download button and wait till the file is downloaded.

3. Once the file is downloaded, go to your phone settings and check right the Unknown Sources option. (If the box of Unknown Sources is left empty)

4.  Install Google Feud on your phone now with the help of the downloaded file.

5. After the installation process completes, you can sign up for endless fun by playing Google Feud which is available on your menu now.

Download Google Feud for iOS

iOS is a platform which is used worldwide by millions of people. As the reach of Google Feud has spread all around the world, Google Feud has been made compatible with all kinds of iOS devices as well.

You can follow this simple guide to download Google Feud for iOS devices:

1. Open App Store on your Apple phone.

2. Search for “Google Feud.” Click on the appropriate option and download it.

3. App Store will download and install the game.


Google’s auto completing suggestions are based on what people search for. Some searches are fun, some are downright weird. As the About section on says, “Beware, certain results may be offensive and/or incomprehensible.” Still, it’s interesting and sometimes challenging to guess what people are searching for on Google.

  • Can you predict the wanderings of the masses?
  • Can you guess how Google autocompletes queries?

Visit Google Feud’s website, play the game, and find out!

This Google Feud Game has got a great response since its launch on the site. It is a very easy Autocomplete game to play at the same it is quite difficult too. The huge fan followers of this game can play on all the devices as well as the PC.

It is the game that you can conduct in the event across educational institutions as well. Google Feud has been rewarded with great response all over the world.

Everyone is dying to understand how to play Google Feud for playing this awesome game.

You can play this game for free on Internet anytime.

Google Feud is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Google Feud cheats are available online as well as Google Feud answers is a tool which will show you answers to questions.

However, this spoils the fun which you can have by actually playing the game.

Google Feud is a simple web game which provides unlimited fun to players.

You can Download Google Feud for Android and iOS anytime using the links provided in this article.

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